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So long, and thanks for all the fish
You're at the beginning of a storyline!
Jesus freaking christ flavoured popsicles that've been left in the freezer too long and have now frozen into a solid gooey lump, it's ANOTHER STORYLINE. I learned my lesson from the last time and have actually planned this one out. So no major crap-ups this time!...Hopefully. I really like the closeup of Nat in the second panel. All those weeks of drawing her nude have apparently really payed off. Plus I think I finally found her new hairstyle. And the first panel turned out surprisingly close to how I originally envisioned it. Scary, it's like almost being an actual "artist" who can "draw". And note the gratuitous addition of Sancho in the last panel, because people were missing him. I'll see if I can fit Jesusman in anywhere, because he's also MIA. Well I started this storyline because I had a whole backlog of jokes that were sorta weak on their own, but not too bad when strung together. Plus it saves me from having to use up all my new ideas which I need for uni when I'm comically braindead for the first two....months. From the very first concept sketch Duke always wore glasses ala Riff or Dilbert or me and I kinda wondered what's behind them. Glowing terminator eyes? Big cartoony ones? A missing eye? ANSWER ME!!! DAMN YOU, ME!!....Aaanyway, enjoy this whimsical little storyline. I've got no illusions about being able to convey drama, conflict or serious political messages this time round. Yep, back to little one shot comics that occasionally have continuity. If memory serves, this is the third/fourth time Nat and/or Duke have referred to each other using pet names, as I assume married couples do. It's kinda rare to see them together doing "couple stuff", since it's usually one or the other on at a time (especially now that I don't use templates and they're taking up more panel space). Two straight-men are a poor substitute for one comedic-wise, a lot of the time. They get distracting. You won't believe how many complaints I got about Sancho's silent appearance in 205. That's right. FOUR FREAKING COMPLAINTS! It was like the floodgates of hell had opened and instead of sulphur and tormented souls, it had complaints! Anyway, I'm off track now. If it really bothers you that much (it's starting to bother me now) you can go imagine Nat and Duke going to movies, concerts and other things together when they're off-screen. There ya go. Keep together the flimsy world of lies I have constructed. Gooooood cheesite. I picked 3 years as an arbitrary marriage length because 3 seemed like a reasonably good number. And that's not 3 years as of this year, it's 3 years set to the forseeable future. Like how Calvin is perpetually in the first grade even though he saw 10 christmases. That's how comics work. Wahey. As I'm typing this voting is apparently working, since we're higher than I up for lost time? I dunno. After a search of google and emailing the very helpful tech support , it turns out I won't be able to implement this sexy little script to save on server strain, since either fopen or output buffers or whatever little php doodad needs to access the tmp folder...temporarily. However because each account is locked into its own folder on the server, tmp is out of bounds and that's what has been throwing the errors (I'm pretty sure, anyway). If anyone's got any similar easy to implement scripts (I doubt it'll get much simpler than that one though), be a dear and tell me about it in the forum. Okay? Oookay. I'm going to sleep now, since the freaky mad hours of a webcomic...person...guy are freaky mad. Enjoy the Bizarre Linkage....AVENGING DISCO GODFATHER!!! Oh, and before I forget; If you're on the cams pages, try and update your cam at least once a month? Twice a month would be better, but as often as you feel like would be great. Seriously. Cause I'm gonna start pruning again one of these days.
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[13:57] <Goonigoogoo> sometimes I see christina aguilera's latest outfits on music shows
[13:57] <Goonigoogoo> and I think her parents must be so proud that she's a famous singer instead of, say, an international whore
[13:58] <CrackyMcWork> international CHEAP whore
[13:58] <CrackyMcWork> clown whore
[13:58] <Goonigoogoo> the international sign for whore
[13:58] <Goonigoogoo> when mute people want to say whore, they hold up a picture of christina
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