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282: Have you seen this boy?
Have you seen this boy?

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Uh, not too much to say with this comic. I'm back to uni next week, so updates could be a bit iffy soon. Maybe back to two updates a week, especially since I don't get mondays off this semester. And there's 3 9am starts, which means 3 days out of the week I get to drive in goddamn rush hour traffic with all those retards I wouldn't trust with a stick of gum, let alone a 4 tonne death machine. Yeah real smooth buddy. Tailgate me. That's sure to make me accelerate just in time for that speed camera down the street. Jerkass. The voting is holding pretty steady, but access to the forums is a bit dodgy, what with Threeboy upgrading to vbulletin 3 and switching the servers too. If it's really urgent, there's always the backup forums (under that handy giant ape juice link) or irc channel. Semi-major cams reshuffle. I've kept my favourites in as long as possible. Rofo, insipid, danextguy, you'll need to update your cams sometime within this month (ins, your cam is broken) or I'm dumping you on the next cleanup/shuffle. Well, that's my allotted whining for the day. Enjoy your super kooky bizarre linkage, FLY GUY.....I don't know what the story is here, but watch out for pretty much all those sea creatures. You'll get dumped straight down to the ground again.

Search for the replaced btc
Kat doesn't appear to fit in at ALL in the final panel. Maybe I redrew her

Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[11:07] <Used_Rugs> ===== Question 828/10000 =====
[11:07] <Used_Rugs> what 1951 film featured ronald reagan raising a chimp?
[11:07] <Used_Rugs> Hint: ------- --- -----
[11:08] <Prederick> Bedtime for Bonzo
[11:08] <Used_Rugs> Well done Prederick! The answer was bedtime for bonzo. You got it in 7.909 seconds. You've moved up in rank!
[11:08] <KAboomy> which one was bonzo?
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