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289: For all you Kat lovers
For all you Kat lovers

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Yeah, the joke isn't really that strong, but I had fun with this strip. Like, clean fun, nothing dirty. I finally figured out how to get Kat's face relatively consistant between panels, but as a side effect she sorta looks like Nat. I told you that I'm no good with drawing women. And there was gonna be some steam in the shower too, but this strip is late enough as it is. In fact it took so long to draw I might shift Monday's update to Tuesday so you'll get the proper amount of time to enjoy it. My hotmail account is getting killer mad full, so I might be changing it at some undetermined point in the future. If you want to send me attachments, use [email protected], since I just keep that for storing files, not regular mail. It seems all of you are doing less work than me since we've dropped to 28 on twc. C'mon! I took over SIX HOURS with this strip and you're telling me you can't do two lousy clicks? If you're not gonna help me bring in new readers through simple simple voting, then tell your friends about btc at least. Bah. That's enough newspost for now. Forum. Bizarre Linkage. Oh, and you might notice Sancho looks a bit different, in that I changed his arms and his legs below the knee. That's because he's too hard to draw....but the official reason is that he's a robot and thus modular. You can swap bits around like mr potato head, only with more crushing


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If you squint, you might be able to see something I redrew....if you squint right

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