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29: Smack to the future
Smack to the future

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
A look back
Okay, the first one of Duke from the now-standard 3/4 view (most of the oldsk00l comics used a side-on view). The guys had no hair along the back of their heads for a while during these early new art strips becase I was so used to drawing them that way during the older comics. The guy with the purple hair was originally going to be Thanatos, but I changed him at the last minute because it just didn't look right. Note the lack of fingers on Duke's hand in the first panel. Having them tuck their hands into their pockets, or hold them behind their backs was a way of making them appear more standoffish to others, as well as letting me avoid drawing hands. I can't draw hands. They're hard.
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<patDBX> you like looking at old people naked, dont you?
<ecs_n3kk1d> who doesn't
<Coan_Arcanius> you mean you dont?
<Samus> i love old man cock
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