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290: Saucy Temptress
Saucy Temptress

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Arghgl. My hand gave out about halfway through panel 2, and I'm not really happy now Nat turned out at all. Duke was coming out so bad I ended up copy/pasting him from an older comic in order to make the strip on time. I'm making the comics faster than I used to, but it somehow seems longer. For example, I used to stay up till 2-3am making strips, since it took about 4-5 hours in total to bang one together. Today's took 2-3 hours, but I'm completely wasted. And it's barely midnight. And the script needed a few more rewrites. And no, I'm not calling british people gay, just....british.....cooks. Okay, nevermind what I say. Brain shuts off after...uh...okay it never started up to begin with. I tried doing a Jade-esque cool/sarcastic look with Nat in the fourth panel, but I kinda messed it up with suck. And her shirt is far too high. And her hair should be visible behind her arms there. Bah. I'm gonna stop looking at the comic before I get too depressed. And yeah, I stole that glasses bit from the simpsons. So sue me. Actually don't sue me, I have no money. Sue the RIAA for being cockholes. Apparently a few of you are super magical special voters, since we went up from 28 to 27. Of course last month we were at 22-25, so some of you must be on vacation or something. C'mon. Vote! I'm sure I'm slowly killing myself making these comics. You could at least just give two little teeny tiny clicks to vote and help btc get some exposure. I'm vaguely sure there's not too much to report. Friday's strip got extraordinarily little feedback, so maybe there aren't as many Kat lovers out there as I first thought. Oh, and by the way, the secondary punchline for today's comic which I didn't put in was Nat going "And how were you writing with your hand down your pants?". Yeah, I'm a witty one. So witty I'll now make a clever analogy which will seamlessly blend in the mandatory link to the forum. And the Bizarre Linkage, which comes in two parts, really. Those irc logs seem pretty convenient though. Anyway, see you on friday. Possibly saturday depending if my hand is still killing me
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[22:57] <Teegus> you better buy one of my shirts whenever i get around to designing them
[22:57] <Goonigoogoo> it depends how much ass your shirts will kick
[22:58] <Goonigoogoo> because I'm designating my future money for one of fenris' jerseys
[22:58] <Teegus> my shirts will totally lick ass
[22:58] <Teegus> *kick
[22:58] <Teegus> X_X embarassaing typo
[22:58] <Teegus> damnit
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