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291: Because I'm an idiot
Because I'm an idiot

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
See, this was much funnier in my head. Like, really funny. Then I forgot what was supposed to be in the 5th panel. Then...I just kinda trailed off. Maybe it was just supposed to be panel 1 then 6, but that wouldn't have made much sense without someone suffering the burnination. And, uh....yeah. Sorry. Monday's will be better. Really. But hey, this comic only took me an hour to make. I've been too busy working on the new characters (Youd've heard about them earlier if you visited the forum regularly. Go on in and post name suggestions. Also, you've all done a mega super job on voting, because we're at the highest we've ever been! That's right, we're now officially in the top 20 of the twc top list. Pat yourselves on the back (but don't forget to keep voting to maintain our spot). That 5 place rise netted over 200 extra readers daily. Now do see why I keep asking you so nicely to vote? Anyway, regarding the new characters, drop into the forum or irc channel to find out more info. And concept sketches too. Alright. That's it for me, back to designing. See you all on monday.

Also: tate, you're a fucker

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[12:42] <skwerrel> I'm pro abortion too, I run around town with a rusty coat hanger attacking pregnant women
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