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300: WOOHOO x3

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Well well well. Strip 300. We meet at last. The backup joke for the last panel would be if I replaced the final panel with some large comic, thus insinuating they're all made by robots. Hilarious. Anyway, for your viewing pleasure may I direct you to the extras page where there are not one, not two, but three new wallpapers for you. And for a delayed gift, we're going back to MWF updates for the next two weeks because I've got a "study" "break" in which I intend to do a less than extreme about of studying. And, uh, breaking too, I guess. It's pretty funny how 70s fashion can so easily become gay fashion by thowing a scarf onto someone. I just took off the afro because blonde doesn't make a good afro. Viola, instant gay. I should market this to the christians or something. I guess I'm supposed to say something deep and retrospective about the comic and how far I've come, but I'm really really tired. And I've said it all before, really. So instead of a long yammerfest how about you all show your love of btc and introduce one friend to it. C'mon, you've gotta have one friend who you know would like the comic. If you wanna introduce more that's fine, but if everyone gets one person to join we'll double the readers! And double the readers means half the chance I'll shut down the comics and devote myself to a life of juggling and street crime. Not necessarily in that order. I could be juggling right now! Well, not really because I'm typing, but you get the idea. The twc top 150 list is still down, but hopefully it'll come back up sometime this week, and when it does, VOTEY MCVOTERVOTE! C'mon! I created a flash vote banner to molest your favourite character! Speaking of molesting, Fluffy is giving the forum a real workover. Join in the shenannigans and maybe we can get some semblance of sense going on in there. There'll be some linky buddies in fridays newspost, but for now all outwards links go to Fenris. He recently retired Aikida (damnit! the curse IS real!), and is leaving the archives up for a little longer so everyone can enjoy them one last time. Don't miss your chance to read this comic! It would be a colossal shame if you were to miss out on Aikida's pure love! No bizarre linkage, so you won't get distracted from reading Aikida. Ps: read Aikida!

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Gettin' warmer....warmer....No wait, colder

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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[13:14] <apdn_angel> hey, what's the difference between michael jackson and neil armstrong?
[13:14] <Beerman> neil armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon
[13:14] <apdn_angel> and...
[13:14] <Beerman> and michael jackson fucks little kids in the ass
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