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303: She's so cute
She's so cute

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Yesirree. Here's the first of the two new characters I'm introducing, and I'll be damned but she just seems cute as a button in that fourth panel. Aaanyway, in case you don't get the joke, it's like City, Country. Eg: Sydney, NSW. Except he's pretending China is a city in Japan, kinda like that old gag that the Japanese have named a town 'USA' so they can print on the goods they export 'Made in USA'. Don't all laugh at once. You could hurt yourself. And you can thank Skoolmunkee for the name. I promise the other one has a less punny name. Or you could just go to the forum and see for yourself what her name will be (hint hint). I think I'll go with the third person talking for Lei, partly because it's cuter and partly because it reminds me of Unit Daisy, which in turn reminds me of the rest of Bobbins, which then makes me happy on the inside. Anyway, Lei originally had a more anime style, close to anime as I could draw (which wasn't very close), but it took forever to do and it just looked terrible. So I comprimised on a Nat/Kat hybrid with pink hair. And thanks to the conventions of anime, the asian character has the larger eyes. Perfect. And yes, she does have seams along the insides of her arms and legs. Anyway, check the Bizarre Linkage, Escher...IN LEGO. That's right. ESCHER. LEGO. If that's not some CRAZY SHIT then I don't know what is.

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Good idea, Lei's first appearance! But no, wrong character

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