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31: What the...?
What the...?

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
A look back
Ah, the first appearance of Nat. I realised that I needed a token female character in the cast (as well as a robot, which I later rectified). At the time, I couldn't draw women well (I still can't. Not without a lot of effort anyway), so I resorted to learning off any art source available. I couldn't be bothered doing an epic storyline, so I decided the best way to handle things was just to introduce her straight out, and say that she'd been there the whole time. It all worked out pretty well, comedy wise. I actually went back and changed the shape of Thanatos's head, his hand, and Duke's hair about November-ish. In retrospect, I should've fixed up her breasts as well. I changed a few other strips as well, to fix up some glaring art mistakes that were bugging me.

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Good idea, Nat's first appearance! But no, wrong character

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<Goonigoogoo> You know, I've said it before, but with the amount of time I spend staring at breasts, you'd think I'd be able to draw them better
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