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318: An easy one
An easy one

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Quad Update!!
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Wooooo! When's the last time you saw one of THESE puppies!? Yeah that's right, four updates for the price of one! Why update all at once instead of saving them later seeing as I've got a fortnight's worth of buffer? BECAUSE I FREAKIN CAN THAT'S WHY. I mean, uh....SHUT UP. I'm sorry about the amount of copy paste but frankly there wasn't any other way you were going to get four strips out of me if I redrew every panel. Especially since they're not moving that much. Anyway, four updates and a day early. You can thank me by voting generously. Hint hint hint. Cheesecake month officially kicks off next week when exam time magically activates, so we're scaled back to one update a week. On the other hand, NUDITY! Alrighty. Don't forget to continue voting like good cheesites on friday when the list resets, and enjoy your Bizarre Linkage, donated by Ender! It's some crazy harmonica beatbox dealie. There's more at the main site of And thanks to beer for spotting the grammatical type error in 310. Additionally, we have a whole bunch more voice auditions and tate is giving me the impression there's a limited number of spots. Send in your entries! Crush the competition! go go go!

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[12:57] <Pants> yes an ugly girl
[12:57] <Pants> as opposed to darius who looks like a delicate girl
[12:57] <Pants> he's not in here is he?
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