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331: Rantin' time!
Rantin' time!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Double Update!
See the second strip

Woop! Double update! This is the first double update with seperate newsposts, so check the other comics' newspost for any pertinent details, and all the usual vote, bizarre linkage and plug link details. Also, we're getting pretty damn close to seriously taking number 1, so vote like I have your loved ones suspended over a lava pit!!!11 Anyway, I overheard on the vgcats forum that there's a new sniper...or possibly it was an old thread and it's the same sniper...but surprise surprise the blame rested upon the usual suspects, FPSs, GTA3, or in fact any video game they could name. Man, that PONG taught my son the EVIL KILLER SATAN SKILLS of GEOMETRY to angle his bullets to the degree of DEATH. Let's see, to fire the sniper rifle in gta3, you click the right mouse button to activate the scope, you use page up/page down to zoom in and out, then you press the left mouse button to fire, and cause death. WOW! That's EXACTLY LIKE a sniper training course! It taught me everything I needed to know about assembling, cleaning and fine tuning the different components of the rifle! Shit, FUCK military training, I'll just use the bf1942 Desert Combat mod! And instead of exercising to keep fit, I'll just leave Rocky in the dvd player on continual loop! Okay okay, I guess that isn't SO bad. I mean, I could see the connection between a video game and a guy who actually goes around and kills people....if I was an idiot. Because after all, we all know that nobody died from gun related murder before video games were invented. The second claim that increased hand-eye coordination given by hours of practise is the more outrageous ones, because why is coordination granted by video games inherently more evil than hand eye coordination from playing tennis? I don't remember seeing any news articles about epidemics of children running around and jumping on people to see coins pop out of their asses back in the 80s. So what if a small percentage of dumb fucker kids can't tell the difference between a video game and reality? I'm sure that more people from a military background have snapped and killed people than gamers. We're not exactly about to go and try to ban the defence forces are we? And parents, if you're really that worried about another columbine, how about you STOP LEAVING GUNS AROUND THE PLACE!? It doesn't matter if they're in a locked solid steel cabinet in the basement which is encased in concrete, children will find a way to get those guns

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[14:29] <Goonigoogoo> c'mon christos. Take nudie pictures of your sister for us
[14:29] <christos> Buddy Christ loves you too, Beery.
[14:29] <christos> Gooni: it's on my to-do list.
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