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333: Job hunt
Job hunt

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
First off: WE TOOK FREAKIN NUMBER ONE! Although I don't know if we actually took it, or we just were given it because Squidi got wanged by PA and took himself off the list. Anyway, number 1, I love you all! Not too much to say about this strip, I've been doing the job hunt thing because I need a summer job, but apparently if you want a summer job you need to send in your resume during winter or so, so that they can get on with their jobs of fucking around doing nothing. So much for the whole "graduating" thing. Yeah, I need to get 2 months of work experience or they won't let me graduate, but I need to graduate and get a degree to qualify for most of these jobs. Good work, guys! And thanks to ender for being a big baby and wanting the alien to have purple blood instead of green. Well excuuuuuuse ME. If you look closely I started trying to shade the alien, then sorta gave up when I hit the torso and then trailed off into shazbot, which is the correct term to use if ever encountering aliens, I believe. Speaking of plastic, how about SPAZTIC plastic! </plug>. The forum seems to be finally back and with a spiffy new layout, but in case of further downtime the irc channel is always up and a lot more active, anyway. Come join in the goodness. And speaking of goodness, the ever lovely miss SnuggleBunny has started the Bigger Than Cheeses LiveJournal Community!! I don't have a livejournal account right now, but as soon as I track down an activation code I'll be there in a flash. Join while it's still hip and fresh, and lord it over your friends! C'mon! Lord! That's all for now, except for the obligatory bizarre linkage, some totally nsfw VEGETABLE PORN!! WOOOO! What the fuck! WOOO! Oh, updated the caricatures page, the art page and some new banners and a wallpaper sized version of Say Cheesecake over in the extras section (1280x960 is the next step up from 1024x768, so you can just set the wallpaper to compress to the screen and it'll work fine.

And a massive round of thanks to Blue's News for the big rush of visitors! Welcome, everyone!

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