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340: Like the webcomiconicon, but not
Like the webcomiconicon, but not

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
You're at the beginning of a storyline!

Well well well. The wretched monster of continuity rears its ugly head again. And I didn't plan anything in advance, as usual. This is just gonna turn out great, I can feel it. In case you're too lazy to use the list on the page, there's characters featured from Joel and Steve, Penny Arcade, Scary Go Round, Bill the Magician, Theater Hopper, PvP, VG Cats, Something Positive, Wigu, Checkerboard Nightmare, Sluggy Freelance, Schlock Mercenary, No 4th Wall to Break, Monkey Business, Elf Only Inn, The Tao of Geek, Loserz (Now keenspace free!), Bollox, TrueNuff, and the now defunct Aikida (but you can see Fenris' latest project, Pepperwood). And I hope you appreciate how long that took to type. Twice. Besides the buttload of links, there's not too much else to report, except for the christmas front where I have to admit that Dynasty Warriors 4 is a super-kickass game. It's like the oldschool beat 'em up games only for the ps2, with 3d melee attacks and matrixy slow-mo effects. Also, never ever buy a DL product because they make the absolute worst fucking tvs ever. Seriously, the goddamn thing only has a power button, channel and volume increase and decrease buttons, and a "menu" button. Note the distinct lack of other important things, such as A GODDAMN AV BUTTON YOU FUCKS. In case you missed it, the remote isn't functional and without the remote the tv might as well not even have av ports, rendering my ps2 useless, until I lugged it to the other tv and plugged it in through the video. Thanks, guys. Great design decisions. Speaking of design: ladies, this bizarre linkage is for you; THOR, the two foot dildo! Seriously. It's two feet long.

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I'd be a real bastard if I hid something new in the last panel, and you didn't know....or did I REMOVE something?

Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[11:20] <gassit> dc, what did you want when you were 14?
[11:20] <Snugglebunny> gass: when i was 14 i wnated to recieve lots of oral sex
[11:20] <gassit> so i know what to get my sister ...
[11:21] <gassit> ok, so this time dc is not allowed to answer
[11:21] <Beerman> lol
[11:21] <gassit> christmas presents
[11:21] <Technogen> haha
[11:21] <Beerman> well when I was 14 I wanted a lot of oral sex
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