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342: Playa Hata
Playa Hata

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Well it's the last comic of 2003 and wouldn't you know it but I ended the year with panda love. Speaking of panda love, Keir is back from his seven month bender and is now (sorta) updating, as evidenced by the all newly updated high ping bastard comic! Go send him lots of support, and also abuse to make sure he keeps up with the updating. On an interesting side note, it appears rising from the grave of the webcomic world has granted keir tim burtonesque powers, so if you want to make children cry, make them read his comic. Oh what the hell. Make them read it anyway. It'd be really handy to set up an auto-archive system, because quite frankly keir's html is a nightmare, so if anyone has any experience with autokeen or some other (simple) date based php, drop in and maybe give me some pointers. On a side note, DAMN YOU PRAE! Why did you have to give keir a day/month/year archive system!? What the hell kind of sorting is that? It should be year/month/day! YEAR MONTH DAY, DO YOU HEAR ME! Anyway, there was some alternate dialogue for the last panel, something along the lines of "you know, I'll bet there's a bunch of websites that would pay money for shots of this", except the font for some obscure reason didn't come with an apostrophe, and I had to draw them in myself. Plus it wouldn't fit in properly. Anyway, have a happy 2004, and maybe for your new years resolution you might try to be more like the bizarre linkage, and learn how to play tetris like a crazy japanese crazy man! I don't know what version of the game that is, but I haven't seen any tetris variations that allowed some of THOSE moves
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