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380: Hostage situation
Hostage situation

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I gave blood yesterday, which was okay except for the fact that I think they took too much blood! TOO MUCH! I'M SHRINKING! SHRIIIINNKKIIIING. Anyway, while I'm tinyified, I'm also kidding with the comic. Btc doesn't have a donate button, or a store.....YET. This comic is just in response to certain parties who put their comic and characters, their life's work if you will, up for ransom unless they shift more units per quarter or whatever soulless money speak they use in no-soul land. (I was going to use "life's work if you will" in panel 2, but for some reason I forgot up until this very moment). I can see using guilt to make people donate, especially when you have massive bandwidth bills to pay, such as when Sluggy Freelance, arguably (argueably?) the largest webcomic out there almost had to shut down because nobody was buying anything and the bandwidth bill was through the roof. The situation with Elf Life is different however because Keenspot take care of all that bandwidth and server crap, and all you have to do is maintain a readership, flog off some shirts or something, and totally sell out to the man. You sell out, Moth! But threatening to pull the archives of your comic off the net just because people aren't buying enough of your stuff just seems kinda cheap. If the archives AREN'T going to be up if people don't donate that's fine, but if they're going to be up and you're THREATENING TO DESTROY THEM, then that's not cool....y'all. Speaking of selling out, it's a new month tomorrow, so VOTE LIKE MADMEN, MADWOMEN AND MADTRANSGENDER PEOPLE, I KNOW THERE ARE SOME OF YOU OUT THERE. There's a kinda all new vote pic (if you visit the livejournal community or forum you would've seen it previously) of Nat! I tried fixing her hair, but it just wouldn't come out right so I eventually reverted to this. Also updated, the art and reader art section, because I'm an idiot and keep forgetting to add Zach's supafine contributions. And I kicked off the year 4 changes file! Kat's gotten a head start, but she's still no competition for Nat in the long run! Some bizarre linkage, as per the norm, KOMPRESSOR FOR PRESIDENT DAWT COM, brought to my attention by Jeff from WIGU.....dawt com

Hey, we already got carson's attention within hours of the strip going up:
"The dissembling is spectacular. The guy who does Bigger Than Cheeses, for instance, pops off right away that I emailed him to "complain about a jab at his comic I made two years ago when I had, like, 5 readers".

Uh, no. He wrote to me recently to ask if I was still mad about it. I replied to him that I wasn't, but that I still didn't think it was fair for him and his other gaming comic friends to still have posted in their archives all of this old material about how evil I am. And regardless of how many readers he claims to have had then or now, he's part of a big gaming comics community in which he proves himself to continue spreading falsifications such as this very one."

While I did email him recently about his elf sightings page, he had emailed me on a previous occasion to complain about the strip where I insinuated reading elf life made you impotent. "Spreading falsifications" ? I guess he just has a worse memory than me. And why is it "not fair" to archive old material? Isn't that what you do with an archive? And what gaming comics community is he talking about exactly?

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