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382: High-brow humour
High-brow humour

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
THIS COMIC IS ALMOST ENTIRELY IN CAPS! WOW! There was going to be a speedometer type thing in the second panel but it looked like crap and I'm not exactly sure if tennis matches even have those by the courts. I was trying to work "balls" into every panel, but then I wanted to use "SPLENDID" or "FIDDLE DEE DEE" in the second and that just ruined everything. Rejected exclaimations include "RIGHT IN THE MANBISCUITS", "ARGH!! BAG OF CRUSHED CHILD" (see this for explaination) "MY MANGINA"....and that's all I could come up with. Yeah, I'm slipping in my old age. Speaking of old, it's our pal SnuggleBunny's 20th today! Go give her some love, and that's in the abstract and not literal sense. And that's not a euphamism either, you dirty dirty people. Thanks to the super fantasmagorical voting you all did over the weekend, we JUMPED FOUR SPOTS! That's INZANE! You all kick ass! And my sources tell me that the forum is now definitively laffo-free, so go check it out! I think you all deserve DOUBLE BIZARRE LINKAGE! TRUCK BALLS AND the RC GASTRON. Also: New reader art! It's legally super fantastic!

Also, I've been wondering this for a while, but what is Australia's most popular webcomic? If nobody steps forward I'm totally claiming this title as mine.

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Nobody would notice if I changed a seemingly inconsequential strip. Would they?

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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[19:11] <Zach> but don't get me wrong.
[19:11] <Zach> I have played Golden Eye.
[19:11] <Goonigoogoo> that's totally like watching the movie
[19:12] <Goonigoogoo> except for golden eye. It's nothing like it
[19:12] <Zach> you'd be standing there like, "I'm a stupid terrorist, or whatever."
[19:13] <Zach> when ZAP! a moonraker to the face.
[19:13] <Zach> "mission objectives? I only need one: kill everyone."
[19:14] <Zach> that's why I was secretly classified as Best Spy Ever.
[19:14] <Zach> off the records, of course.
[19:15] <Zach> I was so good, they gave me a liscence to kill in REAL LIFE.
[19:19] <Zach> then my mom accidently washed it, and it got ruined.
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