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385: Whatta Jacque-off
Whatta Jacque-off

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I don't know what that last panel is supposed to mean, so you can all interpret it how you like. It was a toss up in the first panel to have Duke saying something like "No, I'm pretty sure I was right" or call him "Jacque-off" or something, but to be totally honest, the remake of Dr Zhivago is on tv and Keira Knightley is totally freakin hot. I mean it. Freakin hot. Seriously though I just wanted a character who'd insult the others, and I could use some of the lines I've wanted to use for a while. Like that KFC one. Take THAT, Kat! Oh ho ho! There's a new buzz vote incentive, which you should all have seen because I uploaded it a day early, and you should be voting every day anyway. And there's some new layout deal going on in the forum, which is someone else's fault entirely. Check it out though. It's all spooky, like easter. Speaking of spooky, here's another australian webcomic! Also, Bizarre Linkage, a picture of John Ashcroft made up of pornography! YAAAAY! Plus an 18mb bittorrent of the full sized picture. Oh, and some spankin' new reader art!

Supafine is in need of an artist! Go email lance naked photos of yourself so he can decide which one of you to pick. Oh, and some sort of art....portfolio.....thing as well, I guess

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