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390: Shimmy shimmy cocoa pop
Shimmy shimmy cocoa pop

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
If you were in the irc channel when I showed you this and I told you I was gonna fix the shading, I lied. I'm shifty and unreliable. And it wouldn't come out any better. Also, I have some sort of cold and I'm in the no-energy phase of it right now so I'm gonna wrap this newspost up. Cthon wanted to mention his new site, and I believe I promised to link Wake Walking, but that was more than a day ago and I forgot. Enjoy it regardless. I'm gonna go lie on the floor. You know the drill.. Also, bizarre linkage: Japanese Fetish Dictionary! It's a big one

Oh, I forgot. If you don't get this comic, I hate you and wish you'd die. No I'm kidding. Go rent out Big or something already.

Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
<Noz> It seems unfair that freaks can get off to basically everything on tv.
<Lance> (bom chicka wow wow chicka wow wow)
<Noz> Ow. Bad image.
<Dane> No, go see "Flash Gordon" for some serious bondage!"Bring in the BORE WORMS!"
<Noz> Tell me you're lying.
<Dane> Or "tron".. "Bring in the LOGIC PROBE!"
<Stereo> stupid american idol
<JadeDixon> i'll bet some people love it when kahn put's those worms down checkov's ear in st2
<Dane> Kaaaaaaahnnn!
<Lance> brain eating worms are my top turn on.
Bigger Than Cheeses
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