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396: WTF Mate
WTF Mate

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Unless there's some caching nonsense going on, then you should notice the HELLA NEW REDESIGN. I'd also like to make mention that I hate tables, and css which laughs at me. Dreamweaver sometimes joins in. I finally added a livejournal button to the top nav links, and kinda fixed the spacing too. Anyway, you can now advertise on btc! Support your favourite comic by giving money to Eddache! Yeah, that's why the amount is in pounds and not dollars. And before anyone thinks something is going on, no, he's not holding us for ransom or anything, I just thought it'd be good to send some moolah over his way for supporting us and everything. Don't you?

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled newspost! Today's battle of non-sequitur is a combined effort in OpenCanvas between me and Zach of Supafine, the Supafinest comic around! We're both running the same strip today, but Lance put in different dialogue, So check it out! Although come to think of it, Zach draws more oh snap nowadays. And speaking of oh snap, check out this awesome HATE THREAD!!! Woo! Hey guys and girls. I see you there. I don't know if they took the comic quip or the thing where I call Scott Tina more personally. And if you're not interested in reading a thread, then just check out this! Yes, it's the first official btc-hate strip, which means we've made the big time. Speaking of big time, we're struggling at buzz, against stronger competitors, especially Inktank, which is like 3 times the comic. No really, he makes 3 comics. It's crazy. Check them out. Anyway, I believe this new layout is 800x600 compatible, but if it isn't, drop a message into the forum, so I know. Also drop a message in if you're having any problems with it or something. Then drop into some Bizarre Linkage, Pac Manhattan! Oh, and go check out Fried as well.

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[13:37] <Stereo> you and i, together, impregnated a balloon
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