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397: One of us! One of us!
One of us! One of us!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
The thing about webcomics is that the freedom and the readers are both the best and worst aspects of it. On the one hand you can do whatever you want, on the other hand the lack of any structure or deadlines leads certain people to just shrug off all responsibility and do whatever. I mean, I can see if you're doing it as a hobby but when you can't make 3 comics a week when it's your FULL TIME JOB there's something seriously wrong going on. And as for the readers, those emails aren't verbatim, but I have gotten them. And other more colourful ones. But besides the few crazies, I get a number of awesome emails, like people from places I couldn't even find on a map who love the strip. Or others who tell me that btc was their first experience with webcomics (spooky thought) and now they're a regular reader of several other comics. Because of me! There's been a mass pruning of the cam pages, which means I don't want you all to reapply, especially since I pruned out the people who don't update along with the dead links. You know who you are. Anyway, in case you're not part of our happenin' crew, panel 2 features Lance and Blurry. There's also some more people coming back into the hellbusiness of webcomics, such as our pal Danoz, of Spaztic Plastic! We've managed to sink our hooks into #5 at buzz, but there's a big gap to close if we're going to move any higher up. Plus we lost #1 on vote there if you want to...and stuff. Advertising got bought out pretty quickly by Cthon, so you should all be real nice and check his site out. And if you're still tossing up whether to advertise, I also made the skyscraper available a more standard 160x600 instead of the nonstandard 137x490 that buzz is using, which I thought was the standard. Plus there's the obligatory forum link, and your SUPER MEGA BREAKING BIZARRE LINKAGE, (you'll thank me for this later) RING RING RING RING RING RING BANANAPHONE! I think this has 'next big thing' stamped all over it. And if you're wondering who sings it, RAFFI! Oh, and Dest is a cockbite


Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[13:04] * Beerman is now known as Beer\sleepysorene
[13:04] <Goonigoogoo> but catchy!
[13:05] <Beer\sleepysorene> is Beer\sleepysoreness too much to ask for? is it really?
[13:05] <egads> sfw = so fucking what
[13:05] <oof> hahah sorene
[13:05] <oof> sounds like a bad trailer name
[13:05] * Beer\sleepysorene is now known as Beer\damnnicklimi
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