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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Before I start, no it's not VG Cats art, it's more KC Green, which in itself is quite Spumcoish And the square head dude was gonna get some panels of his own, but I was running out of expressions. And sitting in front of a mirror at 2am making dumb faces in your pjs then drawing them isn't as rewarding as it sounds. This comic is going up a day early because I've gotta stay late at uni to do the buttload of assignments I have, so your gain. Anyway, I lost the original article detailing the RIAA's new UBERPLAN to CRUSH MP3s, but the gist is that they were planning to make everyone switch away from mp3s and onto their new format, which are like mp3s only they suck more and can do less. Yes, that's their plan. A new file format. They'd tried this in the past but were stuck with problems like once you paid for the song online you could only listen to it on the computer you paid for it on. And if you formatted that computer, you're screwed because as far as the file is concerned it's a different computer now. Or files which you COULD move, but ONLY on APPROVED PLAYERS. And you couldn't copy the files back off the player. Or on an unrelated note the dvds which stopped working after a period of time, so if you wanted to watch it again, you bought another one. SMART! I hate having to only pay for something once. I like to keep paying and paying and paying, you know what I mean? And if I can create some more garbage in the process then SIGN ME UP! Anyway, this new format is allegedly movable and backupable, but it expires after x amount of time, so you get to pay a whole bunch of times for the same thing! YAAAY! And they honestly have problems wondering why people don't like them. Aaaaanyway, we've made substantial progress on buzz, with only 500 votes to unseat inktank, which we managed to do on twc by the barest of margins. You guys rock! I'll have some new incentives for you in coming weeks. Good incentives. I may even show my hand in the forum at any given time. Anyway, before I hand you to the goddamn pissing me off bizarre linkage today, I was thinking about the "Australia's most popular webcomic" title thing, which some people seem to think means the most popular comic among Australians, instead of the comic FROM Australia. Perhaps a better description would be "The world's most popular comic from Australia", which I think is good because it's a lot clearer, and it sounds like we have a world record, which is an improvement over the previous non-world word containing title. Eh, maybe I'll change it later. Here's your bizarre linkage; SCUMSUCKING LAWYERS. I'm surprised they haven't tried to claim that she RAPED HERSELF. YET

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It'd be really funny if I'd actually just changed a single face on this comic, and nobody noticed, and you'd gone through the entire archives from #1 up till this point and were reading this notice right now. Yep, a SINGLE FACE

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