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399: This is a political cartoon
This is a political cartoon

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Ooooh, I WENT THERE. And before you fire off some angry emails about how he's opening the wrong side of the car, I know the steering wheel is on the other side. I drew it on the other side but cropped it out. He's opening this side to get his AMERICA GUN. DOY. And if you appreciate me making myself a target for angry americans, then why not drop a few dozen buzzvotes in? We closed 200 of the 500 vote gap between us and inktank, but there's still 300 to go! And if you're not voting for the comrade line, then how about because it's almost the 400th strip! That's a lot of dick jokes! If you're a newcomer from Comixpedia, first off, welcome aboard! Why not take a trip through the archive, or just start at the first strip if you feel like it? And if you've been following btc for a while, you wanna hear something wacky? It turns out there's another webcomicer in Perth! Who goes to my uni! CRAZY. Speaking of crazy, it looks like keir's in one of his updating moods again Anyhoo, I'm getting tired and this newspost isn't typing itself any faster.....lousy newspost... So here's the obligatory forum link, plus your dose of bizarre linkage: #COUNT TO 8 MILLION!

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Yeah, like it's gonna be THAT easy

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<dreamwraith> I am going to create a Nicotine Golem. I will call him son and he will call me father and we will bond. At night, I will lick him.
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