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401: Saving Ryan's Privates
Saving Ryan's Privates

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Hey hey everyone! The 'find the hidden comic' competition is over, and about 30 people found it (did you see it then skip right by it because there was no 400 image attached?) , with Barman being first to find it in a record 25 minutes after uploading. Lance however was first to claim the advertising, so all remaining entrants got the prize pic, which is now never gonna be seen until I finalise it and/or leave it half finished and sitting on my hard drive. It's happened before. The ad goes up on saturday when cthon's reign of terror ends. Also his advertising time expires. And in case you're that interested, yes the 400s were pretty much all red herrings to try and get you to pay attention to other areas. Like the discoloured text on 180. Also the irc log. See? Reading comes in handy, not just skimming through and looking for bright orange rewards. There's a moral in there somewhere. If you can dig it out it's all yours. And to save you from emailing me, yes I am a tremendous, tremendous bastard. Now go and vote for me. Do it! Doooo it!. Although to be fair you should've figured out after a while that something fishy was going on when I said "Good idea, ____'s first appearance! But no, wrong character" on everyone's first appearance. AAAANYWAY, this comic is all about the...something war thing. You figure it out yourself. Big thanks to our pal Karl over at Monkey Business for joining in of our 400th comicabration. And thanks to everyone who obsessively posted in the forum for a chance of sweet, sweet preview art. And here's some succulent Bizarre Linkage, fresh from the oven. Enjoy, and I'll see you on thursday. Oh, and we got a Comic-Nation listing, which is pretty awesome I guess. Except I kinda feel sorry for the parents who let their kids read btc because they think it's pg. Wait, no I don't
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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[10:59] <Beerman> if I had a ten gallon hat, I would throw it in the air and shout "yee-haw!"
[11:00] <Beerman> unfortunately I have only a small cat
[11:00] * Beerman throws it into the air
[11:00] <Beerman> YEE-HAW!
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