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438: The ol' switcheroo
The ol' switcheroo

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
If I wasn't totally incomptetent, I'd animate switch-boy's arm too, but I spent all day downloading and wrestling with XP service pack 2 to care. Also, do not get SP2 unless you enjoy not using your mouse. For some reason, in amongst the security patches, firewall and all the new stuff they also managed to break old stuff. The only old stuff I really used regularly. Ie: My GODDAMN MOUSE. So yeah, download, install, curse, uninstall. FUN! Speaking of fun, Trudy from the super awesome Platinum Grit informs me of two other Aussie webcomics, which I was unaware of. Charlie Red Eye is a modern tales site, and thus requires a membership, but Raymondo Person is FREE FREE FREE! Also, awesome. You might want a bit of a heads up before you go into his forum though, he'll eat you alive! Our tenuous hold in the buzz top ten is tenuous, especially for next month, so remember to keep up all that sexy voting! And foruming! That's kinda sexy too. Also, here's some bizarre linkage which some may find arousing: Star Trek Coffee Table!

Check this insanity out. I don't wanna rush to any snap judgements here, but Kurtz has gone fucking insane and needs to stop smoking crack while raping babies

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[20:29] <Beerman> and goon, if you use any of that as log humour, so help me...!
[20:29] <Beerman> I'll ADDITIONAL EMPTY THREAT
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