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440: Omega

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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WHEW! After monday's BOMBSHELL, it's time to kick off chapter 2! What does it hold, what MYSTERIOUS MYSTERIES does it contain? Only time will tell! Time, and plenty of voting! Sorry about the skeleton being partially visible, I didn't have time to erase everything properly. Anyway, I'm off now, see you on friday for the next thrill packed episode! Hopefully I'll have some new banners ready by then to reflect btc's new direction. Don't forget to visit the forum for plot speculation/discussion, and also the bizarre linkage, WEBCOMIC TATTOOS! And a big thanks to cheesite Austin for donating 5 pounds and PUSHING US INTO DOUBLE DIGITS! We're coming, world! WATCH OUT!


It's come to my attention that certain jerk parties have been slinging barbs and jerky accusations my way. Bring it on I say, because it is a delightful movie with Kirsten Dunst that you should all see. Movies aside, I believe Blurry has been sassing on my Australian heritage which is quite rich because he's from TEXAS That's right, TEXAS. America's POO. And this one time? Blurry snorted sherbert instead of his nightly dosage of cocaine with powdered baby bones and liked it
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[12:40] <BRmike> its not like a he put a squirrel up an elephants ass which started a riot where nine pregnant women were killed by a runaway clown car
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