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447: Wait, Rasputin. Rasputin of love
Wait, Rasputin. Rasputin of love

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I believe the secret to Hugh Grant's grip over women is that all women secretly want nervous british men. It's the only logical explanation. There's an alternate ending to this strip which is now available as a buzz vote incentive! Check it out. For you new readers, this is Woodrow, the guy you hear so much about who I do not like drawing quite as much because of the mwfloiben. And for you old readers, this is Woodrow's new hairstyle because Kitsune doesn't come into the irc channel as regularly so I passed perve rights onto neesh, who demanded I cut his nonexistant hair. Well there you go. Anything to keep the female readers happy. If you want, you can be a Ghandi of giving Ray a free ipod. You can just sign up for a free month of Netscape internet then cancel before you have to pay anything. Or you could just be lazy and enjoy the bizarre linkage, Possum fur nipple warmers! Oh, and if you're reading this comic from the DISTANT FUTURE and are heading back through the archives, past vote incentives get dumped in the extras page
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[20:01] <Outsyder> if i were president, i would go into the U.N. building and say that Italy was now an american state. If anyone had a problem with it, i would shoot them.
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