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449: 2020: Greedo dies of cancer six years later
2020: Greedo dies of cancer six years later

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
If you're thinking I'm so lame as to make a Star Wars dvd strip....then yes. I am that lame. And WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?! HUH? Yeah, that's what I thought. Anyway, I spent 7 hours yesterday swapping computer bits, and I found it hilarious that I can transplant a computer from one case to another with no crap-ups, but removing some ram, a sound card and swapping a graphics card will cause it to spaz out. But anyway, now I can play the sims 2 with the greatest of ease (with everything turned off and stuff at minimum settings). Anyway, sims 2 = fucking awesome. I've turned off aging because I get attached to my sims, but we'll see how things go down the road. For interest, I created Thanatos and Kat sims (rest of the cast can be sim'd later), and Thanatos totally got Kat pregnant. Shocking, but true. I imagine their baby will be some sort of pure evil the likes of which the world has never seen. Or, like, a baby. We'll see. Anyway, here's your bizarre linkage: How to date a white woman: A practical guide for Asian Men!! Or, for you whiteys out there, How to attract Asian Women! Wheee!
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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[21:42] <DangerousCurves> has anyone had yogurt with lactobacillus acidophilus?
[21:42] <DangerousCurves> fucken im sure i put in an extra l
[21:42] <Beerman> sgood
[21:43] <Beerman> I had yoghurt to go this morningt
[21:43] <DangerousCurves> usually its listed as L acidophilus
[21:43] <DangerousCurves> its a natural probiotic
[21:44] <DangerousCurves> it's the normally occurring bacteria that creates the acid environment in the vagina
[21:44] <Beerman> brb, bleeding from my eyes
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