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451: Jesus sandwich, extra salvation
Jesus sandwich, extra salvation

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I'm not making this up, while drawing this comic my computer's display completely blacked out no less than 16 times, forcing a reboot. Also now Lance hates me. The two things could be related, or god just really doesn't want this comic to be put up. And hey, for incurring the wrath of god, how about some tasty votes? And if you want to send some hate, why not fill up the forum, just like the old days? Anyway, I've got work to do, which I'd better hurry up with before I get struck by lightning. Enjoy the bizarre linkage, the RICEST UP TRUCKS EVER.


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[21:29] <DangerousCurves> i like kids but i couldn't eat a whole one.
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