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460: Enough

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Things have been dealt with, and due to complaints that were brought to my attention, there are now also rules which will be enforced. For completeness' sake, I kept a copy of the original hiatus newspost. I am still using this break to do uni work, so no comics still, but I'll try to come up with something for all you loyal readers that had to suffer this disruption in updating. Things will be back to normal by next week, if assignments do not get in the way. Thanks to everybody who emailed, or contacted me to offer support.
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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
Session Start: Sat Oct 16 12:37:57 2004
Session Ident: Dest
[12:37] Session Ident: Dest ([email protected])
[12:37] <Dest> I did not cause a scene, yet you banned me anyway.
[12:38] <Dest> Mallory has the IQ of an 8 year old child, and yet I cannot ridicule her.
[12:38] <Goonigoogoo> it's just to stop you from flooding
[12:38] <Dest> I did not intend to flood.
[12:38] <Goonigoogoo> you'd chew me out if I didn't do it for one of the newbies
[12:38] <Dest> I merely intended to drive her off.
[12:38] <Dest> I would
[12:38] <Dest> I also chew you out for not getting rid of her.
[12:38] <Dest> I'm not terribly pleased Des
[12:38] <Goonigoogoo> so I noticed
[12:39] <Dest> And you know I can fuck your score on TWC if I so pleased.
[12:39] <Dest> In fact, I could knock you completely offline.
[12:39] <Dest> I just ask that you cull the idiots such as her.
[12:39] <Goonigoogoo> over a one hour ban?
[12:39] <Dest> I think this is entirely reasonable, yet you disagree with me.
[12:39] <Dest> This has nothing to do with that
[12:39] <Dest> That's just you acting on a whim.
[12:39] <Goonigoogoo> over a chat room that you voluntarily visit then?
[12:39] <Dest> I would.
[12:40] <Dest> This community has meant a great deal to me long before you ever came around.
[12:40] <Dest> I'm not going to surrendur it without giving it my all.
[12:40] <Goonigoogoo> I believe you asked for it
[12:40] <Goonigoogoo> [04:56] <Dest> Uhm. Try to make sure there's ops around here
[12:40] <Goonigoogoo> [04:56] <Dest> In case I come back and cause a scene
[12:40] <Goonigoogoo> [04:56] <Dest> To temp ban me.
[12:40] <Dest> Were I to cause a scene.
[12:40] <Goonigoogoo> it's only a temporary ban, which you asked for, because you were causing a scene
[12:40] <Dest> I did not cause a scene.
[12:40] <Dest> I'm not protesting the ban.
[12:40] <Goonigoogoo> you were trying to drive someone off, which counts as a scene
[12:41] <Dest> I'm protesting Mallory's presence.
[12:41] <Goonigoogoo> and your protest is noted
[12:41] <Dest> It's been a thorn in my side for many weeks now.
[12:41] <Goonigoogoo> but I've also noticed that once you drive someone off, you just set your sights on the next person, then the next
[12:41] <Dest> My protest may be noted, but unless action is taken I _will_ deal with it myself.
[12:41] <Dest> You've been warned.
[12:41] <Goonigoogoo> threats don't suit you, craig
[12:41] <Dest> I set my sights on the idiots.
[12:41] <Dest> Threats suit me just fine.
[12:42] <Dest> I've been at this longer than you've been able to work a web browser.
[12:42] <Dest> Remember this.
[12:42] <Goonigoogoo> I'll keep it in mind
[12:42] <Dest> She's a complete fool and I no longer feel like dealing with her.
[12:42] <Dest> If I see so much as a single snide comment in the next 48 hours
[12:43] <Goonigoogoo> so don't deal with her. ignore her
[12:43] <Dest> You can consider any server remotely associated with you compromised.
[12:43] <Dest> I've been here longer than you.
[12:43] <Dest> I should not have to deal.
[12:44] <Dest> As I've said numerous times, my life is an open book. I have a history of doing these things. There's a reason I was driven from DALnet.
[12:45] <Dest> These are not idle threats. These are mere facts. I wish her not to speak to me ever again.
[12:45] <Dest> Ok?
[12:45] <Goonigoogoo> I don't control her dest, I only control my own channel
[12:45] <Dest> Remove her.
[12:45] <Goonigoogoo> which I must again state, is my own channel
[12:45] <Dest> It _is_ your channel, after all.
[12:45] <Dest> This is true.
[12:45] <Dest> It may not always be your IRC network.
[12:46] <Goonigoogoo> there's #3fs, where you can talk to all the old people with none of the new people
[12:46] <Goonigoogoo> and you can just selectively invite or ban whoever you want
[12:46] <Dest> I agree. I dislike her snide comments, however. I can ignore the idiots idle banter.
[12:46] <Goonigoogoo> what snide comments?
[12:46] <Dest> Her remarks are an affront to me.
[12:46] <Goonigoogoo> which comments in particular?
[12:46] <Goonigoogoo> I'd like to see them
[12:47] <Dest> I honestly don't have time for this Mr Seah.
[12:47] <Dest> 48 hours. Any comment I construe as an insult I shall consider an attack by BTC.
[12:48] <Dest> That is all.
[12:48] <Dest> Good day.
[12:48] <Goonigoogoo> it seems that when you're drunk isn't the best time to be talking of these things
[12:48] <Goonigoogoo> but have fun with your stuff
[12:48] <Dest> So you consider these idle threats?
[12:48] <Dest> This has not been a good week. This shall be a great release for me if you decide to go through.
[12:48] <Goonigoogoo> I don't, I consider them serious, most likely illegal threats
[12:48] <Dest> They are illegal.
[12:49] <Dest> Though the law in Canada is most contradictory.
[12:49] <Dest> There has not been legal precident set, yet.
[12:49] <Goonigoogoo> but when you are sober you are far less inclined to be as threatening
[12:49] <Dest> I'm much more accomodating, indeed.
[12:49] <Dest> With respect to Mallory, however, I am not.
[12:50] <Goonigoogoo> And you of course realise that any mention of accommodating you in the channel will merely provoke them to fling as many insults as they can think of
[12:50] <Goonigoogoo> same with any sort of disciplinary measures against mal
[12:50] <Dest> Also true. I suggest you merely ban AOL as we have done with Aniverse.
[12:50] <Dest> It bypasses vast armies of idiots.
[12:51] <Goonigoogoo> if you want, but I don't believe sorcery works in the same way as aniverse
[12:51] <Dest> If they wish to speak, they can learn to use the internet proper.
[12:51] <Goonigoogoo> and can't recall offhand if anyone is using aol in the channel
[12:51] <Dest> Ban *!*@*ipt* That will ban AOL.
[12:51] <Dest> Mallory does.
[12:51] <Dest> Which merely serves to prove my point.
[12:52] <Goonigoogoo> right
[12:52] <Goonigoogoo> happy?
[12:53] <Dest> I am indeed.
[12:53] <Dest> I am greatly in your debt.
[12:53] <Goonigoogoo> we'll talk about this tomorrow, when you're not under the influence
[12:54] <Dest> I fear that although my resolve may be weakened, my reasoning shall not be.
Session Close: Sat Oct 16 12:58:40 2004
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