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463: Chicks dig vomit
Chicks dig vomit

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Whoo. This is late. And crap. Sorry, but I had an essay due and it's 50% of my semester mark. So yeah. Work > Comic for now. There's updates in the reader art page, including the first ever btc fanfiction from Mr Shroom, the cast in Sims 2 form from Dane, and an ex-vote incentive from Carzorthade. Anyway, I'll have some buzz vote incentives sometime during the next few days, and drop into the forum. Yeah yeah. Okay, bizarre linkage: Bush relatives for Kerry! You've gotta be a pretty bad guy if your own family won't vote for you.
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[09:27] <Tya> but 394 with the shirts, I'm getting a buddy to make me a shirt that says "Gay" on it in Japanese, with "Don't tell me what the shirt says" in Japanese as well on it, and then giving it to my homopobic brother for his b-day saying it says "strong" on it.
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