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469: GG guys! GG!
GG guys! GG!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I've been playing a lot of enemy territory lately, as I don't have the twitch skills necessary to be good at Quake 3, except with a rocket, which is the only other game I have that I can play online. Anyway, if you're not familiar with it you actually cannot win the game as Allies (except for one map) without any engineers. You'd think everyone would then go as engineers, right? No. I end up the only engineer on the team and everyone else is running around as a field op throwing air strikes willy nilly, or as a covert op getting his cover blown every few minutes. So I end up sitting out in the open next to a construction point getting shot at and grenaded! WHEE! The key point in this match I played the other day played out pretty much exactly like this comic. The only difference was that the axis was ALSO calling down air strikes at any point I got remotely near the construction point, so being attacked by my own teammates was a refreshing change, just like the grenade I shot into his face. Anyway, here's another aussie webcomic, and the standard vote link. I'll have a new incentive up soon, after I play another game of Enemy Territory. Cool people visit the forum, but if you don't wanna be cool, then I guess you could check out the bizarre linkage instead: BONGOMODEM. Oh, and gg means "good game". Apparently people will go INSANE if you do not say it during or after a match.

One last thing: Go tell your alien brothers...that Ronnie Cordova says they're GAY!


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[21:15] <slushypyjamas> once in college
[21:15] <slushypyjamas> outside a gay bar
[21:16] <slushypyjamas> some guys drove buy
[21:16] <slushypyjamas> and one guy stopped the car and was like "wow you're a convincing drag queen!"
[21:16] <slushypyjamas> and i was like
[21:16] <slushypyjamas> "but i'm a girl!"
[21:16] <slushypyjamas> and then the other guy was like
[21:16] <slushypyjamas> "sounds just like a girl too!"
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