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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Hi, I decided I'd better make this less like a half-assed attempt of a thrown together web page, and more like a proper comics section. So, I've started the Updates Log, in which I'll keep each update...well....logged. I'll put the title of the comic over each update so you can grasp any information required for the strip. Today's comic is about, a comedy classic, even though he doesn't mean to be. Besides the stuff I put on in the comic (which, by the way, I DIDN'T exaggerate. Which is an indication of how funny this site is), he also outlines his plans for world peace, why black holes aren't made of magic, and why God is a mathematical formula. My own personal theory is that this guy has been on every single drug known to mankind.

A look back
This comic was kindof a milestone, in that I finally decided to keep each newspost logged, and the way in which I had drawn Duke and Jesusman. I never COULD draw them the same way ever again, although I've certainly tried. This has happened a number of times later, with me drawing a character in a certain way that just screams "THIS IS RIGHT! Don't change ANYTHING!", only I don't know how the hell I got there in the first place. Up until this comic, Duke had had a fairly regtangular head, but over time, I gradually changed him into the Duke we all know now

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<Goonigoogoo> how about I just scream penis until you stop talking
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