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492: Hallmark should have these
Hallmark should have these

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
It's funny, because technically this has 5 panels scripted, and the last comic had only 3. That card was gonna be in a panel by itself, but eh. You know. Anyway, I've got a job interview to prepare for, so enjoy this Aussie comic about nudists Loxie and Zoot, and if you have't already, read through the Bollox archives, because it's ending in slightly over a week! READ IT. NOW. NOW NOW NOW. Okay, keep up all the sexy buzz voting, and I'll see you in the sexy forum, sexy. Bizarre linkage: Lego PC!
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[22:32] <GreyMantledWolf> my friend dave bagh got a white cat and tried to get it registered as "MoneyShot"
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