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520: I am jack's sense of humour
I am jack's sense of humour

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Obviously jack is gonna eat that worm hiding under the shotgun. That's street slang for wipe out all the children. Anyway, welcome to the wonderful world of dns propagation, where some people are still getting the bollox server when using, and others are getting the flashy new gewd guys server. How do you tell? You can't! You could be using a different server right now. Oh man, the dirt will never come off now! Keep scrubbing! Anyway, btc is now officially one of the Gewd Guys. Mark this day down in your calendar because it'll help to know how long I was a member of the group before being dishonourably discharged for some reason. They always find a reason. Also, it's the 16th and that means BTC is now 4 years and 1 day old. And I totally forgot about it until I made that calendar crack. Shit. I'll make something up and slap it in the vote incentive some time. Or the forum. I dunno. Bizarre linkage: elgooG
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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[14:17] * Fenris_Wolf updates his livejournal
[14:17] <Fenris_Wolf> WOE
[14:17] <JadeDixon> aw are you huge on the being emo?
[14:18] <Fenris_Wolf> I'm too old to be emo
[14:18] <JadeDixon> that's nonsense
[14:20] <JadeDixon> they probably just used a different word for it back then
[14:48] <Beerman> "faggot"
[14:48] <Fenris_Wolf> Pretty much
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