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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Septupular Update!
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AWWW HELL NAW. When's the last time you saw one of THESE? Yes, it turns out I've been making mspaint atrocities all throughout the week. Also you may need to be a member of those forums to see some of the attached images. Forumopolis is free, but SA forums require the mystical :10bux: of lore. And unless you're a comics nerd, some of the references may not make perfect sense, but there's enough there to get you to the big finish. New translations, Hebrew and Japanese in the sightings page, plus a correction from awesome cheesite (cheesette?) Natalia, who points out that the Dutch one provided by Bruce IS A FAKE. Yes, truly there is a new low, which is apparently lying to webcomic authors. For shame. There may be further mspaint updates as this week progresses, I will see how things go. But anyway, here is your bizarre linkage: Domokun ipod cases! You know you're going to make one, eventually.

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[20:02] <Choco> my friend is helping me with my resume cos its a bit plain but i'm not so sure i should have let him, cos in the last three sentences hes sent me, hes said motherfucker four times
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