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623: Workin' on the chain gang
Workin' on the chain gang

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Double Update!
See the second strip

Ha-HA! Fooled you. Thought I'd only do one this week, eh? Well as it turns out Zach did what he did best, quit, and left me to clean up his mess. As usual. Anyway, I managed to do it in perfect form, and made another comic with Nat grabbing her own boobs in it as well. Also I checked and Tyrannosaur Hyperdeath isn't a real band. Or valid series of search terms according to Google. So I guess Jeph isn't the only one who can come up with band names noone's ever heard of, then. Plus he's probably gonna need some ice for that massive burn I just did on him. My main man Tom has put together a street team to help his dream of mad dollars along, which is a mighty fine dream. I think if you're so inclined you should help a brother out. That link again: That's all the news there is to report for now. Carry on with your bizarre linkage: Childhood videos, remade!

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[14:16] <Goonigoogoo>
[14:16] <Goonigoogoo>
[14:16] <silentpyjamas> DAMMIT GOON
[14:17] <silentpyjamas> my stepdad said "why's she so brown this year?:
[14:17] <silentpyjamas> haha
[14:18] <SUZ> from the chocolate attack
[14:18] <Nikki> lol
[14:18] <silentpyjamas> i told him it was from sailing the high seas without sunscreen
[14:18] <Dane> "She is black, you know that, right?"
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