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674: All the world's waiting for you
All the world's waiting for you

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
If I could embed sound into the comic without having to radically retool the php script, I totally would to embed the Wonder Woman tv theme song. WONDER WOMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! WONDER WOMAAAAAAAAAAAN! Ah. Great stuff. In fact I may use this as a basis for the next vote button. Which I won't be doing for a while, as you may or may not have noticed I have also just updated the perennial favourite "What is love" to something a bit more...russiany. Yeah. Anyway, I'm not sure this was the greatest joke in the world, but I just really really wanted to draw Nat spinning around for some reason even though a 4 panel talking head strip would've been way, way, way easier. If anything looks off in the comic, it's because I've recently upgraded to Windows Vista and, uh, the sun was in my eyes. Also the mouse sensitivity is a bit different because I couldn't be arsed hunting down the vista drivers for my mouse and just used the built in hardware sensitivity switch. So anyway it's late and something something sleep. Bizarre linkage: Kitty washing machine! Cruelty is hilarious
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[20:07] * VenMalakim is now known as AllMyFuhrer
[20:07] <Patrick_> heil honey, I'm home!
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