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676: King Doctor doesn't NEED samples
King Doctor doesn't NEED samples

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
There's about four hidden jokes in this one. Or at least references to other things which could potentially be construed as jokes. The only one you're probably not going to find by googling is that King Doctor has a gold stethoscope. Anyway, it looks like our pal Fonrus...I mean Fenris has resurfaced from his annual multi-month disappearance. With sexy results. Well, soon anyway. This adds to the current trend of zombie comics returning from the grave. Will there be a trifecta? Please oh please oh please. Anyway, it's time for the proverbial bizarre linkage, which is this crazy music touchscreen projector dealy. Man. That's nuts. See you next week, cheesites!
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[16:18] <Stereo> also the #1 result on google for "Dick in a box" probably gets the youtube page
[16:18] <Stereo> it did last time i tried
[16:22] <BobDragonslayer> why were you googling "dick in a box"?
[16:22] <Stereo> someone told me to
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