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714: How secure are YOUR door locks?
How secure are YOUR door locks?

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
It was unbelievably hard drawing that reporter guy standing in exactly the same pose for three panels, but I did it all for you. The reader. I hope you appreciate it. It was a toss up between "erectile dysfunction" and "premature ejaculation" for the last panel, but the dysfunction won out because it sounded vaguely classier. And if you know me at all, it's class all the way. Especially when it comes to talking about dongs. Stupid comics week is over, with TWO WHOLE UPDATES. My plan of doing even small thingummies throughout the week fell through so I may have to try it again some time in the future, maybe with stupid comics month. ANYHOO, here's your bizarre linkage: GODTUBE! Yeah, next time there's a hint of boob just lay waste to your equipment. Your boss will understand and will probably give you a medal for being so christian. Either that or rip your eye out like Pai Mei. Either way, I win!
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[13:55] <Bacon_Baron> I had a dream where I was being chased by a giant poisonous spider through a really confusing city..I was in a taxi cab, and nthe giant spider was in another taxi cab chasing me
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