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736: Godwin's second law
Godwin's second law

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Late! Need sleep! Original dialogue for 2nd panel was "the holocaust" as being the worst thing that could happen. But it already happened so it's totally disqualified. Bizarre linkage: Celebrities without necks. Is this some sort of new fetish? I'm going with yes. Also sleep. See you next week when it's apparently BTC's 7th anniversary and I totally haven't got anything ready as usual. YAAAAY. New fanart! Breaking a two year dry spell. IN YOUR FACE, READERS
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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
<Squatdog> so bono after playing some of his set list at a live concert in scotland stops and asks everyone to be silent
<Squatdog> and everyones standing there waiting for his righteous statement
<Squatdog> and he claps
<Squatdog> and claps again
<Squatdog> and he starts rythmically clapping every few seconds
<Squatdog> and everyone is silently watching him wondering what he's doing
<Squatdog> and he says "every time i clap...a child dies in africa"
<Squatdog> the crowd is still silent, and bono is still clapping
<Squatdog> and then from the front of the audience a burly scotsman yells out "THEN STOP FUCKING CLAPPING"
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