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So long, and thanks for all the fish
WOOO. Guess who's been doing this for SEVEN DAMN YEARS? If you answered "me", then you'd be WRONG, because it's totally ME. YEAH. IN YOUR FACES. Featured in the second panel are ye olde KC, Ty-to the-cho, a doctor and some T-Rex of some description. Normally I'd have some sort of wallpaper for you, but seeing as I didn't technically finish the Year 6 wallpaper, we'll call it a day. The alternate version of this strip was Thanatos flipping the bird so hard that the building was ripped away like those old shacks you see in nuclear test videos, but I totally couldn't draw that even after seven years of doing this crap, so you get arson instead. Seriously though, seven years is a bloody long time to be making jokes about peeners and batman, so maybe I'll drop the whole charade soon and start making serious, dramatic comics about transgendered furry vore fetishists who eat each other for erotic purposes. In a proud BTC tradition, it's way too late so I'm going to wrap this up with some 7TH BIRTHDAY BIZARRE LINKAMAGAGE: Facts from pornstars! Probably NSFW.
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[21:45] <Goonigoogoo> MAKING COMIC
[21:45] <Goonigoogoo> NO IDEAS YET WOO
[21:45] <Celox> have a flashback of you breaking a mirror 7 years ago
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