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739: Beating up all those chimneys
Beating up all those chimneys

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Half the panels, twice the LAFFS! Note that twice of zero is still zero, so I am legally correct. Which therefore makes you illegally incorrect, meaning you owe me money. Lots of it. Come on, fork it over. My logic is impeccable. Second panel originally had "chimneysweep rape gang arrested", but that implied that there were a bunch of guys going around raping chimneys, and the mechanics of it made my head hurt. Also I didn't want any more rule 34 flying around the place, especially if I was the originator. I'm going interstate on a work training majigger, so comic next week may be late or cancelled depending on how jetlagged I am. WHEEE! Anyway, here's some bizarre linkage for you: Mr T brings boy out of coma. He'd have come to the hospital sooner, but the only way there was by plane. I stole that joke, and there's nothing you can do to stop me, because I am powered by children's tears.
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[10:59] <Dane> Select YOUR MOM from YOUR APPARTMENT where WE HAD SEX
[10:59] <Dane> Sql is easy, when you know it. I guess.
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