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740: You will never win
You will never win

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I couldn't make this up if I wanted to. The opportunity thousands of fans have waited years for to finally play as Batman (with the special preparation time unlock which does nothing, you girls) in a fighting game will only be bested by the millions of youtube clips of Batman getting his heart ripped out, head stomped in, and other totally hilarious fatalities, all to the tune of some 12 year old kid in South Korea calling you a gay fag because Batman is totally useless. You heard me. Comics will be on uncertain schedule due to my new job taking up lots of time and the fact that they actually pay me and you guys don't. Also news, the 99dogs store is gone so if you were planning on ever buying a shirt I guess you're too late. And if you're still reading; 99dogs are crapmongers who do not ever pay commissions and if you ask them about ever getting your money they will promptly ignore your emails. If anyone has any recommendations for stores who are not cafepress and will let you have multiple print on demand shirts without having to pay for a setup, let me know through email. Bizarre linkage: pooping machines. Finally, machines are taking over all the difficult tasks of day to day life!
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[07:42] <Beerman> I was working on a sheep farm for 7 weeks over the summer
[07:42] <Beerman> I had 2700 girlfriends.
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