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742: This is still technically correct
This is still technically correct

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I realised after I drafted this strip that "tore shit up" is actually still technically correct, so I threw a guitar into his teeny tiny hands for added comedic effect. Yes, the BTC wikipedia entry has been cowardly removed by those who fear our special influence on the interknots, for the reason that we weren't notable enough. You see, Wikipedia is a store of only important information which you couldn't get elsewhere. Understandably, they therefore can't waste storage space on articles about every stupid little thing. So remember, before you put an article on Wikipedia about stuff that's online, make sure it's totally important for people to know. What I'm trying to ramble towards is that basically if these guys are on wikipedia, then how the hell do we not qualify as notable? If that's not enough linkage for you, here's your properly labelled bizarre linkage for this week: Muff diving in Ireland!
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[02:45] <DannyboyO1> ... now, the thing that occurs to me...
[02:46] <DannyboyO1> about a post-op transsexual getting pregnant.
[02:46] <DannyboyO1> ... is this grounds for a refund?
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