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745: Die hardererest
Die hardererest

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
My extensive research has informed me that beating up whoever you owe money to or whoever has some sort of contract over you in fact cancels out all debts and may usually also land you a hot babe of some description. Possibly your nemesis' babe. The logic is infallible. Anyway, apparently I'm going to be at Supanova in Perth on the 28th and 29th (maybe also the 27th? I don't know), sharing a table with a certain other dude of the Rex variety. Anyway, I'm going to be getting some merchandise of some description together, even though I can't even update on time anymore, and want to know what sort of things people would buy. Obviously it's too late to get any books made, but I could get some smaller booklets printed off with a commentary on each strip to make it more special (if you would like something like that, email me which strip numbers you'd like to make an appearance). I have a very very small number of french books which I can also sell off. Otherwise I could sell autographed coke cans or something to break even on the merchandise and table booking costs. Send me an email or whatever if you reckon you'll be coming. Worse comes to worse I'll sell sketches for $10, but it turns out I'm actually horrible at using my hands with paper (example: panel 3), and you may in fact ask for your money back. Okay. With that out of the way, it's time for some bizarre linkage: the suspicious looking device! Take one to your nearest airport for a free colon exam by two guys both named Butch.

Oh and I promised to link to Legacy, which is some joint venture gaming thingy with a comic as well and it's being launched soon so go to the website and do stuff, I guess.

One more thing:FENRIS IS BAAAACK
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