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784: Backup plan: list of celebrities to have sex with before they become famous
Backup plan: list of celebrities to have sex with before they become famous

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
HAPPY OZTRAYLIA DAY. To celebrate, here is a comic. Also a wallpaper, which is why the comic is late. Also because I spent like four hours today trawling through TV Tropes. Specifically this one (and its related tropeyness within). It took me a little while to get the time-loop worked out, but I'm pretty sure it holds up. Obviously Thanatos can't travel into the future to beat himself up, because then Future Thanatos won't be there as Current Thanatos has travelled into the future to beat himself up, so he must go back in time to the last place he saw his future self - i.e the key turning point. Like Back to the Future, only there's no Doc Brown to prevent people being retards. Does your head hurt yet? No? How about some bizarre linkage: An analysis of temporal anomalies in Time Travel movies!. Also time travelly bizarre linkage: this shit, where Heinlein comes up with a person who is their own mother AND father. PUT THAT IN YOUR FUTURE PIPE AND SMOKE IT.
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[21:03] <BobDragonslayer> why does everyone have to think im gay? :(
[21:03] <BobDragonslayer> the guy behind the counter at the pharmacy was flirting with me a few days ago
[21:04] <BobDragonslayer> mom was helping me with my resume last week and said "do you always move like that? cause it looks incredibly gay"
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