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So long, and thanks for all the fish
ARRRRGHHGHGHGBLBLBGGBLBG. Players of the Second Fortress for Teams, known in the colloquial as TF2 may be aware of the recent Scout update which grants Scouts the ability, among others, to stun players who are currently ubered (which is total bullshit). Also an energy drink that allows them to run straight into goddamn sentries without taking any damage. I mean COME ON. If a sentry can't even hurt a SCOUT anymore what does that leave engineers with!? Snipers can destroy my shit from the other side of the map, pyros can already air-reflect back rockets back into the sentry causing it to destroy itself, is the demo update going to just go right ahead and delete the engineer class from the game? Okay, I may POSSIBLY be overreacting SLIGHTY, but scouts are already annoying enough without them being bulletproof uber disabling bastards. It would be nice for an update that would allow engineers to leave their structures alone without having to hire out some babysitters because one lone ANYTHING can pretty much take out a level 3 sentry nowadays. I'm fairly certain that Valve are working out a way to cause gibs to jam up sentry barrels and cause them to explode. ARRHGGBGLBGBL. Of course it's not just about sentries. The reason I'm usually going engineer is so I can support the team by putting up teleporters for all the slow as molasses heavies who are now even more vulnerable to the zippy scouts wielding a baseball which pretty much guarantees a kill once you're stunned. The sentries are usually a (pretty useless) attempt to protect the teleporters from being targeted by a lone insurgent who breaks through the ranks. BUT HEY WHY THE HELL NOT. Annnnnnnyway, now that I've gotten that out of my system, the real news about this week's update is that we're one short week away from BTC's EIGHTH FRIGGIN BIRTHDAY. You heard right, I've been doing this shit for EIGHT GODDAMN YEARS and you're ALL GONNA PAY. FOR MERCHANDISE. IN THE STORE. If some nerd drawing stick figures can rival Penny Arcade within 3 years yet we can't even muster notability in WIKIPEDIA OF ALL PLACES, then there'd better be some FRIGGIN T-SHIRT WEARING CHEESITES OR I'LL LOSE MY GODDAMN SHIT. Did that come out bitter? I can't even tell anymore. Enjoy your bizarre linkage: Porno based on Left 4 Dead. Perverts
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