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So long, and thanks for all the fish
EIGHT YEARS OF NEWSPOSTS. ALL OVER YOUR FACE. For those not in the know, this is a followup to last year's celebrations. Of course. I guess dinosaurs aren't quite as fireproof as ninjas or dudes with glasses and floppy hair. Of course if you're not up to date with the Problem Sleuths, then you might as well go eat a big pumpkin. ANNNYWAY, this is without a doubt the most complicated strip I've had to animate in, well, eight years so I hope you enjoy it because I'm totally not topping it for another 12 months at least. I suppose now is the point where I'm supposed to wax lyrical about the trials and tribulations of doing this nonsense for eight wasted years of my life. Perhaps make mention to all the people who I started with whose comics slowly dropped off like flies, one by one. A few twitches of almost-life here and there. Maybe some sporadic updates before returning to that giant keenspace archive in the sky. Instead I'll simply throw the usual celebratory accusations at those ham handed "artistes" who have bumblefucked their way into success over some of the afore mentioned dead strips who were perhaps a bit more deserving of the critical acclaim that would have stayed the disillusionment that all webcomics eventually succumb to. Except the bad ones. For some goddamn reason. Anyway! Bizarre linkage: Another entry for this is why you're fat: The BACON EXPLOSION! In your MOUTH! With SALT
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