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794: This is everybody I know in 4 panels
This is everybody I know in 4 panels

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
OH MY GOD FACEBOOK IS DIFFERENT MY LIFE IS RUINED FOREVER WAH WAH. I was thinking about maybe doing a Watchmen comic but seeing as how everybody on the internet has done the OH MY GOD I SAW A BLUE PENIS I THINK HOLLYWOOD IS TRYING TO TURN ME GAY comic (bar one), I went with the next most topical thing. BONUS POINTS: Be the first on your friends list to create a useless Facebook group petition to "change Facebook back to the original style" and then link this comic inside it. Secondary points: Photoshop something clever into the first panel such as "GODDAMNIT I GOT RICKROLLED AGAIN!?". Thirdarary points: Remove the watermark at the bottom then slap your own stupid shit on the bottom and claim you made it. ANNNNNYWAY, well deserved paranoia aside, seriously the first thing everyone posts when Facebook does a new layout is how lame it is and how awesome things were before even though they're still members of the last change Facebook back to the previous layout group decrying the current (now last) layout. GUH. Here's your bizarre linkage: Frank Miller's Charlie Brown. Whores.
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[19:01] <spj> man
[19:01] <spj> i swear
[19:01] <spj> you can't win
[19:01] <spj> there's nothing you can say afterward to change anyone's perception of the sentence "sometimes i watch porn with my sister"
[19:02] <Squatdog> ...
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