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797: Barely avoided being sued by Charles Schultz's estate
Barely avoided being sued by Charles Schultz's estate

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Late comic is late. I tried coming up with something the venerable KC Green may possibly dream up, but then it turns out years of internet usage have ruined my imagination. Or at least severely crippled it, preventing me from using it when people send me the latest adventures of 2 girls and the cup they unhygenically share together. Also the idea of opening a peanut and finding two tiny poos inside makes me laugh. So there. Bizarre linkage f my life, for all the times when you wish there were stories of other people's horrendous suffering to make you feel better about being a terrible person
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[05:37] <Patrick> my mate got hit by a steam train
[05:37] <Patrick> he was chuffed to bits
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